Slot Racing Drag Strip

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Create your own Slot car drag strip. We can supply complete drag strips including all items necessary to create your own miniature Santa Pod Raceway using Scalextric Sport, Scalextric Classic, SCX, Ninco or Carrera track.
Ideal for parties, school fetes & corporate entertainment

Ref# - DS0600
- £200

What you are getting with this pack:

DS200 Timing Equipment accurate to 1,000second - This can also be used as a conventional lap counter & lap timer for your 2 Scalextric lane track.

2x Overhead light Gantries with infa-red light beams to trigger counter at the start & finish of the race. We can supply to fit Scalextric Sport, Classic, Ninco, Carrera or SCX track.

1x Power supply for the timing equipment

1x Traffic light display box. Lights illumate in sequence from red to green to signal start of race. In the event of a jump start 2 red lights will illuminate to signal lane at fault.

1x Track section wired to make your cars brake at the end of the drag strip and stop within 10 inches! There by ensuring that cars do not continue racing even if the driver keeps the power on!

All wiring looms required to connect the lights, counter & gantries.

Please note the cars & track are for illustration purposes only and are not included as part of this kit. If you require we can quote for a complete system including the track & cars of your choice.

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