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Hobby Tools

Hobby Tools

Hobby Tools

Range of hobby craft and engineering tools.

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  1. Professional Soldering Station

    Ref: Y061
    Professional digital soldering iron station with temperature control. A professional quality soldering station with adjustable temperature control and monitoring.
  2. Soldering Iron 40W

    Ref: PSR-Iron
    Duratool Professional Soldering Iron 40W.
  3. Solder 40/60 18swg S05C

    Ref: Solder
    Solder 40/60 18swg S05C.
  4. Stainless Steel Digital Caliper

    Ref: Z22855
    Stainless steel precision electronic caliper, perfect for measuring internal and external depths and dimensions of tyres, wheels, car width and general slot racing parts.
  5. Helping Hands & Magnifier

    Ref: MM001
    Helping Hands & Magnifier.
  6. LED Head Magnifier with 5 Lenses

    Ref: MM013
    LED Head Magnifier with 5 Lenses ideal for close-up precision work leaving your hands free.
  7. Thunder Slot Tools Set

    Thunder Slot Tools Set - Multi Tips Handle Set.
  8. Scaleauto Pro Reamer Tool 3mm, 3/32, 2mm

    Ref: SC-5079F
    Scaleauto Pro Reamer Tool 3mm, 3/32, 2mm. Plastic/aluminium handle with interchangeable bit.
  9. Modelmaker Dual Grit Sanding Sticks

    Ref: MM018
    Modelmaker Dual Grit Sanding Sticks, pack of 10.
  10. Modelmaker Triple Pack of Flexible Masking Tapes

    Ref: MM021
    Modelmaker Triple Pack of Flexible Masking Tapes.
  11. Modelmaker Dual Grit Flexi Sanders

    Ref: MM011
    Pack of three dual-grit flexi sanding blocks for precision model making.
  12. Modelmaker A5 Cutting Mat

    Ref: MM002
    Modelmaker A5 Cutting Mat, 230 x 160 x 3mm.
  13. Model Craft Tweezers Set

    Ref: PTW5000
    Model Craft Stainless Steel Tweezers Set, 4 pcs.
  14. Model Craft Pin Vice & Drill Bits

    Ref: PPV2237/d
    Modelcraft Pin Vice Double Ended Swivel Top with 5 Drill Bits (0 - 2.9mm).
  15. Sloting Plus Drill Bit Set

    Ref: SP140011
    Sloting Plus Drill Bit Set Titanium Coated 1 - 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm.
  16. Revell Hand Drill & Bits

    Ref: RM-39064
    Drill precise holes in your model with this hand drill.
  17. Expo 16pc Drill Set 0.5mm-2mm

    Ref: 11516
    Expo 16pc HSS drill set 0.5mm-2mm.
  18. Excel K1 Aluminium Hobby Knife

    Ref: 16001
    Excel K1 aluminium precision hobby knife.
  19. Stainless Steel #11 Blades x5

    Ref: X211
    Stainless Steel #11 Blades (5x).
  20. Revell Precision Cutter

    Ref: RM-39000
    Hand held precision side cutters for modelling and craft hobbies.
  21. Sprue & Photo Etch Flush Cutter

    Ref: MM010
    Sprue & Photo Etch Flush Cutter.
  22. Expo Razor Saw Set

    Ref: 73544
    Expo Razor Saw Set ideal for wood, plastic and non-ferrous metal.
  23. K&S Tube Cutter

    Ref: KS296
    K&S Tubing cutter tool cuts brass, aluminium, and copper tubing up to 5/8 inches O.D without crimping.
  24. Revell Precision Saw

    Ref: RM-39067
    With its interchangeable blades, the precision saw is ideal for delicate cutting tasks.
  25. Revell Paint Brush Set

    Ref: RM-29621
    The Painta Standard set from the No.1 model-maker Revell. High quality paintbrushes that are ideal for painting small parts and fine details.
  26. Scaleauto Ground Clearance Tool

    Ref: SC-5043
    Scaleauto Ground Clearance Tool.
  27. Scaleauto Tipped Pen Fiberglass 4mm

    Ref: SC-5310
    Scaleauto tipped pen fiberglass 4mm for braid cleaning.
  28. Proses Slot Car Track Tester

    Ref: TC-402
    Proses slot car track voltage tester for 1:32 and 1:24 layouts. Check not just if your circuit has power but also how much.
  29. Proses Track Cleaner

    Ref: TC-001
    Simple and easy hand tool for keeping your track rails clean and helps improve the pickup around the layout.
  30. Proses Spare Felts for Track Cleaner

    Ref: TC-002
    Spare felts for the Proses Track Cleaner hand tool for keeping your rails clean and helps improve the pickup around your layout.
  31. Model Craft Needle File Set

    Ref: PFL6001
    Model Craft Needle File Set with 10 profiles.
  32. Proses Right Angle Holders for Modellers

    Ref: PR-SS-03
    Proses hold and glue right angle holders for kit buildings and modellers. Pack contains 2 holders, simply pull apart, place inside and outside your 90 degree corner and fix the wing nuts.
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 32 of 40 total

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