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Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Range of oil and cleaning fluids for essential slot car and track maintenance.

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  1. Scaleauto Super Cleaner 20ml

    Ref: SC-5308A
    Scaleauto Super Cleaner for motors, braids and tyres.
  2. Scaleauto Track Conditioner 30ml

    Ref: SC-5307B
    Perfect track grip conditioner for wooden surface - Hard Grip.
  3. Scaleauto Voodoo Motor Speed Drops

    Ref: SC-5305b
    Scaleauto Voodoo 2.0 motor speed drops and braid conditioner, 20ml.
  4. Scaleauto Speed Oil-2 Bushing & Ball Bearing

    Ref: SC-5304
    Scaleauto super lubricant for bushing and ball bearing 20ml.
  5. Scaleauto Speed Oil-1 Brass & Bronze Bushing

    Ref: SC-5302
    Scaleauto super lubricant for brass and bronze bushing 20ml.
  6. Scaleauto Magic Gear Grease

    Ref: SC-5303
    Scaleauto racing car professional grease for gears 15ml.
  7. Scaleauto Supergrip Sponge & Rubber Tyre Cleaner 75ml

    Ref: SC-5301
    Scaleauto Supergrip Sponge & Rubber tyre cleaner
  8. Scaleauto Sponge & Rubber Tyre Cleaner 75ml

    Ref: SC-5300
    Increase the grip and care of both rubber and sponge tyres.
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8 Item(s)