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Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Range of oil and cleaning fluids for essential slot car and track maintenance.

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  1. Slot.it Motor Cleaner & Protector

    Ref: SISP41
    Slot.it Motor Cleaner & Protector (50ml) This product is a special oil for slot cars motors, free of resin and acids. Its PTFE-based special active formula adheres to almost any materials, especially metals, forming a protective layer which not only reduces friction but also reliably removes carbon deposits and prevents oxidation.
  2. Slot.it Gear Grease

    Ref: SISP39
    Slot.it gear grease (15g) reduces friction and wear. Free of resins and acids, preventing rust, oxidation and seizing. Perfect for gears, ball-bearings, motors. It can also be used to protect non moving parts.
  3. Inox MX3 Lubricant Needle Bottle 60ml

    Ref: EMX3-60
    Inox MX3 Lubricant Bottle 60ml - Ideal for multiple slot car racing uses.
  4. Inox MX3 Lubricant Spray Bottle 125ml

    Ref: EMX3-125
    Inox MX3 Lubricant Bottle 125ml - Ideal for multiple slot car racing uses.
  5. PSR Gear & Bushing Oil

    Ref: PSR-P1
    Lubrication for gears, axles, bushings and moving slot car components.
  6. PSR Braid & Rail Cleaner

    Ref: PSR-P2
    Clean your slot car braids and track rails for improved pick up.
  7. PSR Tyre Cleaner

    Ref: PSR-P3
    Clean and soften your slot car tyres for improved grip and lap times.
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Items 33 to 39 of 39 total

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