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Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Lubricants & Cleaning

Range of oil and cleaning fluids for essential slot car and track maintenance.

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  1. Inox MX3 Lubricant Spray Bottle 125ml

    Ref: EMX3-125
    Inox MX3 Lubricant Bottle 125ml - Ideal for multiple slot car racing uses.
  2. Inox MX3 Lubricant Needle Bottle 60ml

    Ref: EMX3-60
    Inox MX3 Lubricant Bottle 60ml - Ideal for multiple slot car racing uses.
  3. Slot.it Gear Grease

    Ref: SISP39
    Slot.it gear grease (15g) reduces friction and wear. Free of resins and acids, preventing rust, oxidation and seizing. Perfect for gears, ball-bearings, motors. It can also be used to protect non moving parts.
  4. Slot.it Motor Cleaner & Protector

    Ref: SISP41
    Slot.it Motor Cleaner & Protector (50ml) This product is a special oil for slot cars motors, free of resin and acids. Its PTFE-based special active formula adheres to almost any materials, especially metals, forming a protective layer which not only reduces friction but also reliably removes carbon deposits and prevents oxidation.
  5. Slot.it Peformance Motor Oil

    Ref: SISP40
    Slot.it Peformance Motor Oil, 20ml. Low friction, PTFE-based oil for all slot cars needs. For metal and plastic. Resin and acid free. Optimal creeping, wetting, and wear resistance properties.
  6. SRP Service System Pro

    Ref: SR250SSP123X
    The SRP Service System Pro includes a complete line of race proven slot car servicing products that simplifies slot car maintenance for maximum performance results at home or competition events and for keeping cars in top condition.
  7. Mitoos Premium Oil T-302

    Ref: M100
    Mitoos premium oil, for lubricating the rolling parts of moving components. Reduce the friction and improve the behaviour of parts, such as bearings, motors and gears.
  8. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Heavy

    Ref: NSR-4603
    NSR tyre traction oil heavy- for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  9. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Medium

    Ref: NSR-4602
    NSR tyre traction oil medium - for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  10. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Light

    Ref: NSR-4601
    NSR tyre traction oil light - for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  11. NSR Rubber Tyre Softner Oil

    Ref: NSR-4605
    NSR special oil for rubber treatment to soften tyres for improved grip.
  12. NSR Braid Conditioner

    Ref: NSR-4604
    NSR power booster for braids and commutator 30ml.
  13. NSR Ultra High Temp Ball Bearing Oil

    Ref: NSR-4607
    NSR ultra high temp oil for ball bearings, 30ml.
  14. NSR Ultra High Temp Bronze Bearing Oil

    Ref: NSR-4606
    NSR ultra high temp bronze bearing oil, 30ml.
  15. NSR Special Grease for Plastic Gears

    Ref: NSR-4608
    NSR special grease lubricant for plastic gears, 5 gr.
  16. NSR Special Grease for Metal Gears

    Ref: NSR-4609
    NSR special grease lubricant for metal gears, 5 gr.
  17. Scaleauto Supergrip Sponge & Rubber Tyre Cleaner 75ml

    Ref: SC-5301
    Scaleauto Supergrip Sponge & Rubber tyre cleaner
  18. Scaleauto Sponge & Rubber Tyre Cleaner 75ml

    Ref: SC-5300
    Increase the grip and care of both rubber and sponge tyres.
  19. Scaleauto Magic Gear Grease

    Ref: SC-5303
    Scaleauto racing car professional grease for gears 15ml.
  20. Scaleauto Speed Oil-1 Brass & Bronze Bushing

    Ref: SC-5302
    Scaleauto super lubricant for brass and bronze bushing 20ml.
  21. Scaleauto Speed Oil-2 Bushing & Ball Bearing

    Ref: SC-5304
    Scaleauto super lubricant for bushing and ball bearing 20ml.
  22. Scaleauto Voodoo Motor Speed Drops

    Ref: SC-5305b
    Scaleauto Voodoo 2.0 motor speed drops and braid conditioner, 20ml.
  23. Scaleauto Track Conditioner 30ml

    Ref: SC-5307B
    Perfect track grip conditioner for wooden surface - Hard Grip.
  24. Scaleauto Super Cleaner 20ml

    Ref: SC-5308A
    Scaleauto Super Cleaner for motors, braids and tyres.
  25. MB Slot Oil for Bearings & Bushings

    Ref: MB19061
    MB Slot Oil for Bearings & Bushings
  26. Avant Slot Lubricating Oil Bottle x1

    Ref: AS60102-1
    Avant Slot Lubricating Oil Bottle x1
  27. Avant Slot Grease Syringe

    Ref: AS60103
    This Avant Slot grease is to be applied to your slot car pinions and gears to improve the performance and to help reduce the wear.
  28. Sloting Plus Special Lubricant LUBBOIL No.1

    Ref: SP120001
    Sloting Plus Lubricant for Ball Bearings, 15ml - red colour.
  29. Sloting Plus Special Lubricant LUBBOIL No.2

    Ref: SP120002
    Sloting Plus Lubricant for Brass Bushings, 15ml - blue colour.
  30. Sloting Plus Special Lubricant LUBBOIL No.3

    Ref: SP120003
    Sloting Plus Lubricant for Bronze or Brass Bushings, 15ml - honey colour.
  31. Sloting Plus Special Lubricant LUBBOIL No.4

    Ref: SP120004
    Sloting Plus Lubricant for brass bushings of motor, 15ml - colourless.
  32. Sloting Plus Special Lubricant LUBBOIL No.5

    Ref: SP120005
    LUBBOIL No.5 NANOCERAMIC is a state-of-the-art lubricant formulated with ceramic nanoparticles and Teflonthat greatly reduces wear between slot car parts and greatly minimises friction between them.
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Items 1 to 32 of 36 total

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