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Modelling Materials

Modelling Materials

Modelling Materials

Range of modelling materials for your slot car and scratch build projects.

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  1. Revell Weathering Set

    Ref: RM-39066
    With the application of realistic signs of weathering, a model is practically brought to life. With six special pigments included in this set, any model can be given a truly authentic look with dirt, rust or washing.
  2. Revell Paint Brush Set

    Ref: RM-29621
    The Painta Standard set from the No.1 model-maker Revell. High quality paintbrushes that are ideal for painting small parts and fine details.
  3. Revell Contacta Professional Glue 25g

    Ref: RM-39604
    Revell Contacta Professional 25g.
  4. Revell Decal Soft 30ml

    Ref: RM-39693
    Revell Decal Soft serves perfectly for applying transfers/decals to a model.
  5. Revell Contacta Clear 20g

    Ref: RM-39609
    Revell Contacta Clear is a special crystal clear adhesive for model-making.
  6. Revell Plasto Bodyputty 25ml

    Ref: RM-39607
    Modelling mistakes, joins and cracks can be touched up and concealed using 'Revel Plasto' putty. Once dry, the surface needs to be smoothed down.
  7. Revell Sanding Sticks 2-Sides 5pcs

    Ref: RM-39069
    Sanding plate files with coarse and medium grain for grinding and finishing parts.
  8. Revell Hand Drill & Bits

    Ref: RM-39064
    Drill precise holes in your model with this hand drill.
  9. Revell Precision Saw

    Ref: RM-39067
    With its interchangeable blades, the precision saw is ideal for delicate cutting tasks.
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9 Item(s)