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Tyre Truers

Tyre Truers & Parts

Tyre Truers & Parts

Tyre truers are used by professional slot car racers to prepare tyres and round to perfection for enhanced car performance.

PSR BLOG: How to true your tyres

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  1. Hudy Tyre Truer Hudy Tyre Truer

    Hudy Tyre Truer

    Ref: H10-3100
    The Hudy professional Slot Tyre Truer is the best selling tire truer in the slot car market. The tire truer has received many awards from slot car magazines around the world and all the professional slot drivers keep this palm sized tire truer in their pitboxes.
  2. Proses Tyre Truer & Cleaner 1:32 / 1:24

    Ref: TC-501
    Proses Tyre Truer and Cleaner for 1:32 and 1/24 scale slot cars with spare sanding and cleaning pads included.
  3. Scaleauto Tyre Truing Machine

    Ref: SC-5072
    Professional Evo2 tyre truing machine made by Scaleauto. Designed for sanding up to two tyres at once to achieve perfectly symmetrical setup, resulting in better car performance. For use with all type of available axles (3mm, 3/32 and 2.5mm)
  4. Hudy Grinding Drum Hudy Grinding Drum

    Hudy Grinding Drum

    Ref: H10-3040
    Replacement grinding drum for the Hudy tyre truer (H10-3040).
  5. Replacement Hudy Rubber Drive Belts

    Ref: PSR-E31
    Replacement Hudy Rubber Drive Belts
  6. Hudy Wheel Axle for 2mm

    Ref: H10-3062
    Hudy Wheel Axle for 2mm
  7. Hudy Wheel Axle for 3/32

    Ref: H10-3060
    Hudy Wheel Axle for 3/32
  8. Hudy Wheel Axle for 3mm

    Ref: H10-3061
    Replacement Hudy 3mm (1/8) wheel axle for tyre truer.
  9. Proses Spare Felts & Sandpaper for Tyre Truer

    Ref: TC-501S
    Proses spare felts and sandpapers for Tyre Truer and Cleaner (TC-501).
  10. Proses Spares for Tyre Truer

    Ref: TC-401S
    Spare felts, coarse and fine sand papers for Proses TC-401/TC-401X Tyre Truers.
  11. Scaleauto Tyre Truer Drum 120 Grit

    Ref: SC-5073B
    Replacement drum 120 grit coarse for the Scaleauto tyre truer.
  12. Scaleauto Tyre Truer Drum 80 Grit

    Ref: SC-5073A
    Replacement drum 80 grit coarse for the Scaleauto tyre truer.
  13. Javis Superglue Medium Viscosity (Yellow Top)

    Ref: BUL20m
    Javis Cyanoacrylate Adhesive - Medium Viscosity 20g.
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13 Item(s)