Pendle Slot Racing is pleased to add a Formula 2 stock car to the range of PCS slot car kits. Designed and developed by Pendle Slot Racing and produced using the very latest in high-quality 3D printing by TA71. The Bodyshells have had an additional vapour smooth treatment applied to leave a smooth finish.

The F2 stock car kit is available in two versions - Slotstox or Modelstox.

F2 Slotstox
Body and slot chassis kit - plus all the mechanical parts to build into a complete working slot car. It is compatible with all 1/32 analogue slot track systems including: Scalextric, Carrera, SCX, Ninco and Policar etc.

F2 Slotstox

F2 Slotstox Kit - Ref: PCS-B025

F2 Modelstox
This F2 Modelstox includes extra details compared to the F2 Slotstox version, including front grille, battery, fuel tank and front/rear suspension details. This version is perfect for customers who want a higher detailed display model without the slot car mechanical parts.

 F2 Modelstox

F2 Modelstox Kit - Ref: PCS-B026

The design process of the PCS F2 Stock Car Kit

The full-sized F2 stock cars are custom-built to a set of regulations and are all very similar in design. We have based our kit on the BriSCA F2 car of Jason Ward #501 who races in the championship. His car is fitted with a Ford Zetec 2L engine. Some of the older cars use Ford Pinto 2L engines but these are being gradually phased out due to the lack of spare engines.

Below are images of our F2 stock car CAD drawings.

The F2 body kit comes with wing, exhaust, air filter, detailed interior, rear wheel guards, driver figure and head restraint safety device.

The process has been a very complicated task. Our aim was to produce the stock car as aesthetically accurate as possible. This is in conjunction with making it mechanically pleasing too, whilst trying to make it as robust as we could. The slotstox version is quite detailed, but we also decided to make a model version available with even more details which includes front and rear suspension and a more detailed chassis.

Two rear wheel-guards are also included in the kit.

A separate interior piece has also been made. It includes the starter switch, dials, steering wheel mount and a small tank.

The Slotstox chassis has been designed to incorporate the Slot-it inline motor mount.

The modelstox version includes extra added details - including front and rear suspension.

Option to choose from two different wing types as currently used on BriSCA F2 stock cars.

Large wing option

Short wing option

Featured by Slot Car Magazine

The PCS F2 stock car is featured on the front cover of Slot Car Magazine Issue 74 which includes a 4 page article.


Featured by @thatslotcarguy

The PCS F2 stock car is featured by Travis, an Australian blogger and reviewer of slot cars.

Check out the YouTube channel @thatslotcarguy.


Why did we produced a F2 Stock Car Kit?

Here at Pendle Slot Racing we have spent many hours over the last year designing and putting the F2 Stock Car kit together. To be honest, it makes no financial sense, we will probably never see a return for all the work that has been involved, but this is not the point. We have produced this kit because of our own passion and interest in BriSCA stock cars and slot car racing.

In the past, the Pendle Scalextric Club room was shared with Rossendale Model Slot Car Club (RMSCC). Pendle Slot Racing's Neil Hirst and Nick Hirst raced Slotstox from the late 1990s until the late 2000s.

Neil and Nick Hirst pictured far right along with RMSCC members and BriSCA F1 driver Frankie Wainman Jnr #515.

Below is a typical construction of a RMSCC Slotstox handmade from mainly brass material.

Pendle Slot Racing has also sponsored and supported Brisca F2 stock car drivers over the years.

Pendle Slot Racing sponsored Brisca F2 driver Simon Johnson #769.

Pendle Slot Racing sponsored Brisca F2 driver Matthew Heap #909.

Pendle Slot Racing have also sponsored #501 Jason Ward's previous F2 cars.

If you would like to sponsor Jason and help support his racing, please get in touch.

What is Stock Car Racing?

UK Stock Car Racing goes right back to 1954 and continues to have a loyal following today. The short-oval race series is a fast and tough contact motorsport, with none stop action from the drop of the green flag.

BriSCA Stock Cars

There are two Formulas for BriSCA Stock Car Racing in the UK; 'F1' and 'F2'. The BriSCA F2 stock cars takes all of the principles of the F1 cars, but are slightly smaller and powered by 2L engines instead of the V8 engines as in the F1 cars.

The F2 Stock car is a single-seater custom-built car, rear-wheel drive and powered by a 2L engine at the front. Constructed of both box section and tubular steel, they feature a robust chassis and roll cage, plus front and rear bumpers with side nerf bars.

The bumpers are used to strategically push their opponents wide from the racing line in order to under-take them, deliberate full-on fencing and following-in is not allowed.

Cars are also usually fitted with an aerofoil mounted on top of the roof. Some drivers may use two separate cars, which are either setup for tarmac or shale tracks.

F2 Race Format

Unlike most motorsport circuit racing, where the fastest driver from qualifying starts at the front of the grid, Stock Car Racing sees each driver graded according to their past results. The fastest drivers (red tops) start at the back with the lowest grade drivers (white tops) starting each race at the front.

Each car roof is painted according to their latest grade standing. Before the start of the race, the grid is lined up in separate groups of graded colours: (Front to Back) = White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red (Flashing Superstars), Championship winners (Silver, Gold).

Race meetings usually include a format of Heats, Consolation Heats, Final and Grand National. The racing begins with a rolling start and is usually 16 laps until the chequered flag.

F2 Tracks

Races are held on short oval tracks, either a shale or tarmac surface of up to a quarter mile in length and are surrounded by crash fencing. The number of drivers per race can be between around 20-30 cars.


A bit of history - Nelson Seedhill Stadium
There actually was a stock car track less than 1 mile away from the Pendle Slot Racing HQ - Nelson Seedhill Stadium. This was a popular and tough venue, which started the careers of some of the top names in the sport. It was opened in 1967 before it's eventual demolition around 1980 when the M65 motorway cut through the area.

Images of the Nelson Seedhill Stadium can be seen on YouTube

We highly recommend you to go and watch stock car racing live.

Check out the official BriSCA F2 website -