We often get asked here at Pendle Slot Racing for advice on how best to sell Scalextric and slot car collections. There are numerous reasons why people decide to sell their slot car collections. This could be personal circumstances, a change of interest, a downsize of collection, or an inheritance.

Once you have decided to part with your collection, your next step is to explore your options.

Depending on the number of slot cars in your collection, we would first suggest to sell them yourself on an online auction site. This is likely to be the most financially rewarding option for you. However, please consider the amount of time this involves to list each item and the additional selling fees added. There are also the costs for packing materials, and what most don't consider is the potential for lost parcels, damaged items, claims or returns. Even after listing your item, there is no guarantee it will be sold.

The final option to consider is to sell your collection to a reputable slot car dealer. At Pendle Slot Racing we usually only buy new and boxed car collections, but we may also buy used and unboxed cars.

If you are looking to sell your slot car collection, please contact us for any assistance.