When my MRRC Clubman Special Kit - Ferrari 250 GTO (Ref: MC-106CP03701) arrived from Pendle Slot Racing, I was immediately impressed with the retro style box, I could tell this was going to be a great kit.

I immediately opened the bag containing the body and felt the smooth lines of the body. Boy, did I wish it was the real one. Whilst scanning the clear and precise instruction leaflets, I soon realised that reading the instruction was VERY important.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

I laid out the parts, as normal, and started to identify the parts according to the instructions.

Getting to grips with parts related to a metal chassis kit was a delight. I have never built one of these before, but I guessed it would be like building a sophisticated Meccano set from back in the 60’s, yes I remember the 60’s…. ESSO blue paraffin… Not the mind-bending substances.

The 6 P’s, p### poor planning produces pathetic performance, I was planning… In my mind… Taking my time.

Think about the magnets, there are two, one very strong and one weaker… and a brass weight. Still looking and planning.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

OK, I think I have got the parts covered… Hope you are getting the pace - SLOW .

Now, looking again at the body, need to remove the tree and file the burrs.

The front grill part doesn’t naturally fit in place, you will need to work at this later on.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Which motor and which pinion combination was I going to use? Bugger that, the fastest, and most torque… Great spare motors for later.

Placing out the chassis parts helps, and starting to build following the instructions was the safest, magnets or no magnet, I was going to use the strong magnet… A few screws seemed to disappear, the magnets had them…

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Getting the feel of the front and rear chassis, it fits perfectly. Do I want the magnet at the front or rear, or both, or do I want added weight?

I lined up the rear motor cradle and loosely screwed in the chassis screws, allowing movement. Placied in the Guide and started to place Nut and Washer. Added the magnet. Always referring to the instructions. I know it is against the rules of being a man. But I didn’t want to make a costly mistake.

I could start the nut on the un-threaded guide by hand. Then used a pair of pliers to take it to the right level of vertical movement.

Inserting the guide stoppers was fiddly. You have a choice of guides. The one in the picture does not work on NINCO or Scalextric track, but seems fine on Carrera track, and no doubt suitable for club tracks.

Attaching the front Axle and wheels is easy, using spacers to taste. “Watching too much Master Chef”!

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

I used the Ninco Pinion Press/Puller Tool (80201) to attach one of the 3 pinions. I have a couple of the Scalextric pinion pullers, but I find the Ninco ones the best. From Pendle Slot Racing, of course….

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Do you need a Ninco Pinion Press/Puller? it is available to buy HERE

Looking good, attaching gear and wheel assembly to the rear axle using the grub screws, lining up the pinion to ensure space. Still don’t screw chassis tight yet.

I got out my trusted soldering iron, solder and paste. Stripped the end of the wires and attached to motor and guide blade terminals. Placed the tyres on the hubs.

Now time to fix in the motor, using the front motor cradle and assemble the guide, as per the instructions.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Now time to turn my attention to that beautiful body. After removing the burrs, I used a Holts colour number HRE08, that was the closest I could get to a Ferrari Red. Slowly building the layers.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Nice wheel inserts and nut. Just a dab of glue to hold, I have changed to the NINCO guide.

I checked that the clear plastic window part and cockpit fitted, it is important before painting.

Looking good. At some point, I will need to find the finest brush to paint the wiper silver…

The front grill, needed a little adjustment, and it was worth putting in the fog lights at this stage.. Dab of glue is all that was needed.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Starting to paint the cockpit, heads and wheel… Steady hand needed to paint the helmet ready for assembly.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Screw post have brass plugs, they needed some filing. After attaching front grill, a quick touch up spray was needed. I used my glue gun to attach it, using masking tape as my third hand.

Filing the screw post plugs, (Whilst also working on my resin MKIII Cortina, also from Pendle Slot Racing). My Rolson Snip cutter is great for burr removal.

Body Screw plugs in and ready, with the help of my trusted spring fine plyers.

Filler cap attached from inside.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Front lights attached, these are off the silver tree… Only the slightest dab of glue is required.

Make a hole for the head, and attach the steering wheel.

Place and glue on head, and at this point you should add the seat belt transfer.

Remove burrs from the clear plastic light covers and windows. Keep placing in socket, and checking as filing, to ensure a perfect fit.

Great fit, slightest dab of glue! If you feel brave you could edge the headlight glass with silver paint.. NOT ME???

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Using a fine brush, I painted the grill section silver. Then touch up with a dab of Red.

Touch up the cockpit. There are transfers for the dials, but paint is OK for me.

Hot melt the glass and cockpit into place.

Choosing the transfers requires a quick spot of ‘Googling’… This was my choice.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Looks good, used the finest of paint brushes to paint the wiper silver. Bonnet grill is a transfer, so are the bonnet clips. Air intakes are on the transfer sheet.

Rear lights from the silver tree need painting Red with an orange middle .Rear wheel compartment grill is a transfer.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Line up the chassis with the mounting posts and screw tight the chassis screws to fit. Then mount the chassis using the big chassis screws. Place the rear lights in place and hot melt weld.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Side on (near side). A small bit of wire mesh would look great in the shark gills, something to look for later.

Side on (driver’s side). There are no exhausts enclosed with the kit, but a quick remodel of the left-over silver tree will make an addition later.

MRRC Clubman Special Kit Build

Looks great and runs well on my NINCO track.

The product i used for this build is the MRRC Clubman Special Kit - Ferrari 250 GTO 1964 (Ref: MC-106CP03701)

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