Pendle Slot Racing are proud to present the latest addition to our very own ever-expanding range of Slot Car Kits, Wheels, Tyres and Parts. We are now venturing into the exciting world of 3D printing. Using our 26 years of experience in the slot car business we have designed and developed our very own range of 3D printed slot car chassis.

Fully decorated RevoSlot 1/32 scale bodyshells combined with an all new PSR MJF 3D printed chassis with tuning parts.

RevoSlot Body & PSR 3D Chassis Range

Designed and Developed at Pendle Slot Racing

The chassis have been designed and developed at Pendle Slot Racing to fit the excellent, highly finished RevoSlot bodyshells. The PSR 3D Chassis is printed by TA71 Modelcars who have both the experience and knowledge of 3D printing plus they use the very latest MJF 3D printing technology.

RevoSlot Body & PSR 3D Chassis Range

What is MJF 3D Printing?

The process used to print our chassis is called Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) with Carbon composite compound treatment.

Multi Jet Fusion is an industrial 3D printing process that produces products with a quality surface finishes, fine feature resolution, and ‬more consistent mechanical properties when compared to processes like selective laser sintering.

MJF technology with carbon composite compound treatment gives you a better performing and better-looking product as there are no visible build lines, that also means higher resistance to fatigue and crashes. TA71 Modelcars have done extensive testing on the carbon composite made products and found them to be stronger than Plastic models claiming that they are nearly indestructible.

RevoSlot Body & PSR 3D Chassis Range

Why RevoSlot 3D Printed Chassis?

You may ask why convert the already successful RevoSlot cars? The brief was quite simple. We wanted to develop a range of 3D printed products and challenge ourselves using our product knowledge, design, modelling skills and race experience to produce a car that could rival the out of the box RevoSlot performance.

After customer feedback over the years there is a certain reluctance from some racers to use cars with metal chassis and 3mm axle or alloys etc, so our aim was to use a plastic chassis built with more commonly used race parts that would give the racer a wider range of tuning options, enabling them to tweak the cars performance to suit their own requirements.

We have spent hundreds of hours developing and testing each chassis set up before we were ready to release, now happy with the results we are please to present our range.

RevoSlot Body & PSR 3D Chassis Range

Kits and RTR Tuned Cars

The first four models available from the PSR 3D Print Shop will be the Dodge Viper, Marcos LM600, Porsche 911 GT2 and Toyota Supra with each available in various liveries.

Each model will be available in 2 Kit options or as a RTR race prepared car.

All models available in three different options:

RevoSlot Body & PSR 3D Chassis Range

Option 1 Basic Kit - (Body & Chassis)

Fully decorated RevoSlot Porsche 911 GT2 Bodyshell and 3D printed chassis.

1x RevoSlot Bodyshell
1x PSR MJF 3D Printed Chassis

Option 2 Complete Kit - (Body & Complete Chassis)

Body Kit and all the parts supplied so you can assemble into a complete slot car.

1x RevoSlot Bodyshell
1x PSR MJF 3D Printed Chassis
2x STAFFS01 15.8x10mm 5 Spoke Air Wheels (Rear)
2x STAFFS12 15.8x8mm 5 Spoke Solid Wheels (Front)
2x SIPA01-54 54mm Axles
3x SIPA25 Axle Stoppers
1x SIGA1828pl Nylon AW Contrate Gear
1x SIPS11 11t 6.5mm Brass Pinion
2x BRM102sr 18x10mm Rear Tyres
2x SIPT1159-C1 17.2x9.5mm Front Tyres
1x SICH60b 0.5mm Offset AW Motor Mount
1x SICH85 Screw in Guide
1x PSR E17a Braid
2x W8111 Eyelets
1x AS001 22k Long-Can Motor
2x PSR E25 Motor Screws
4x SICH54b Motor Mount Screws
4x PSR Body Screws
4x PSR E19a M2x6mm Grub Screws for Front Axle

Option 3 RTR - (Body & Complete Chassis)

Tuned in house by our experts - supplied race prepared and ready to run with trued tyres. 

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