We have received information from Hornby regarding changes to their Scalextric 2016 range. Hornby have released a list (April 15 2016) of scalextric items that have been withdrawn from production.

In light of recent trading results, we have had to review the range we are launching in 2016 and have had to make a limited number of changes to the Hornby, Scalextric and Corgi ranges.

As a result, the following items (shown below) are no longer available.

Hornby Hobbies is passionate and committed to ensuring all our products deliver a great experience for all our customers, and the changes are to ensure the products that remain in our line, are true to this objective.

On this occasion we apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this late change to our 2016 range may have caused.

Kind regards,
Hornby Hobbies

Scalextric items withdrawn from production

C1363 Grand Prix (ARC ONE)
C1359 Le Mans (ARC AIR)
C1357 Touring Cars (ARC PRO)

C3699A Mercedes F1
C3700A McLaren F1
C3707 Lotus 49
C3778 Team Truck 
C3710 Team Cops n Robbers Street X Car
C3769 Ford Daytona Prototype
C3725 Chevrolet Camaro 1969
C3726 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Trans Am
C3728 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1969 Trans Am
C3729 Mercury Cougar XR7 1969 Trans Am
C3780 Audi Sport Quattro E2
C3753 Ford RS2000
C3752 Lancia Delta S4
C3754 MG Metro 6R4
C3755 Volkswagen Campervan


Scalextric 2016 Range

Scalextric have announced their lineup for 2016. Great news for past and present BTTC fans with the production of British Touring Car Championship models. These include the Honda Civic, BMW 125, VW Passat or MG6 and the Ford Sierra RS500.

Also scheduled for 2016 include new solo cars from the elite of modern and classic motor sport, the new ARC AIR system, new track packs, a range of new PCR chassis and new highly collectable Limited Edition products.

The entire 2016 range is available here at Pendle Slot Racing.

Scalextric Cars 2016

Scalextric Cars 2016

Scalextric Cars 2016

Scalextric 2016 Range

Below is the list of new Scalextric products for 2016.  The description and release dates of some of the products below may change.

Cars 1:32 Scale

Special & Limited Editions
C3693A Touring Car Legends - Ford Sierra RS500 vs BMW E30 - Apr-16
C3694A British Touring Car Champions 2014 & 2015 - Aug-16
C3773A James Bond - Spectre - Sep-16
C3699A Mercedes F1 (2016 Lvery On 2014 Car) - Withdrawn
C3700A McLaren F1 (2016 Livery On 2014 Car) - Withdrawn
C3698A McLaren M7c - May-16
C3701A Lotus 49 - May-16
C3702A Brabham BT26A-3 - Jun-16

Single Seaters
C3669 F1 2015 Season Generic Car 1 - Mar-16
C3704 F1 2015 Season Generic Car 2 - May-16
C3705 McLaren F1 2015 (2015 livery on 2014 car) - Feb-16
C3706 Mercedes F1 2015 (2015 livery on 2014 car) - Feb-16
C3707 Lotus 49 - Withdrawn

Super Resistant - Card Box
C3772 Team Truck Gulf No86 - Jun-16
C3778 Team Truck - Withdrawn
C3708 Team Hot-Rod - blue - Jul-16
C3709 Team Cops 'n' Robbers Police Car - Apr-16
C3710 Team Cops 'n' Robbers Street X Car - Withdrawn
C3711 Team Monster Truck - May-16
C3779 Team Monster Truck - Aug-16

GT - Clear flip-top box
C3717 Audi R8 GT3 Crocodile Phoenix 12hr Bathurst - May-16
C3718 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 - Jun-16
C3719 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 - Jun-16
C3713 Bentley Continental GT3 - Mar-16
C3714 Bentley Continental GT3 - Mar-16
C3720 BMW Z4 GT3 - Jul-16
C3721 BMW Z4 GT3 - Jul-16
C3769 Ford Daytona Prototype - Withdrawn
C3715 McLaren 12C GT3 - Apr-16
C3732 "Porsche 911, type 991" - Aug-16
C3731 AMC Javelin Trams Am - Nov-16
C3723 Caterham Superlight - Aug-16
C3724 Chevrolet Camaro 1969 Trans Am - Aug-16
C3725 Chevrolet Camaro 1970 Trans Am - Withdrawn
C3726 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L88 - Withdrawn
C3728 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1969 Trans Am - Withdrawn
C3727 Ford GT40 - Jan-16
C3729 Mercury Cougar XR7 1967 Trans Am - Withdrawn
C3730 Jaguar D-Type - Feb-16

C3734 BTCC Honda Civic Type R - Oct-16
C3783 BTCC Honda Civic Type R - Sep-16
C3735 BTCC BMW 125 Series - 1 May-16
C3784 BTCC BMW 125 Series - 1 Jun-16
C3736 BTCC MG6 - Jun-16
C3737 BTCC VW Passat - Aug-16
C3739 BMW E30 M3 - Apr-16
C3757 BMW E30 M3 - Nov-16
C3738 Ford Sierra RS500 - Apr-16
C3781 Ford Sierra RS500 - Jun-16
C3740 Ford Sierra RS500 - Oct-16
C3758 Holden A9X Torana - Nov-16
C3741 Ford XC Falcon - Sep-16
C3748 Ford Escort - May-16
C3746 MGB - Mar-16
C3696 Ford XW/XY GT-HO Falcon - Sep-16
C3696 Ford XW/XY GT-HO Falcon - Sep-16
C3742 BMW Mini Cooper F56 - Mini Challenge 2015 - Jul-16
C3743 BMW Mini Cooper S - Mini Challenge JCW 2015 Champion - Aug-16

C3750 Audi Sport Quattro E2 - Jul-16
C3780 Audi Sport Quattro E2 - Withdrawn
C3749 Ford Escort MK2 - Jun-16
C3753 Ford RS200 - Withdrawn
C3752 Lancia Delta S4 - Withdrawn
C3754 MG Metro 6R4 - Withdrawn
C3747 Mini Cooper S - Apr-16
C3751 Peugeot 205 T16 - Aug-16
C3744 Volkswagen Polo WRC - Jan-16
C3745 Volkswagen Beetle - Feb-16

C3722 Aston Martin DB5 Aug-16
C3697 Ford XC Falcon Jul-16
C3756 McLaren P1 Jul-16
C3755 Volkswagen Panelvan Oct-16

Sets 1:32 Scale

C1355 Mini Challenge - Aug-16
C1361 American GT - Jun-16
C1364 American Racers - Nov-16
C1365 Bathurst Legends - Oct-16
C1366 Monza Grand Prix - Jun-16
C1367 Scandinavian Winter Rally - Jun-16
C1368 Le Mans Prototypes Sports Cars - Jun-16
C1369 International Super GT - Jul-16

ARC ONE SETS - Analogue set with wired controllers 
C1360 Super GT - Mar-16
C1362 American Classics - Aug-16
C1363 Grand Prix (McLaren vs Mercedes)  Withdrawn

ARC AIR SETS - Analogue set with Wireless Controllers - Licensed cars 
C1358 Track Day - May-16
C1359 Le Mans - Withdrawn

ARC PRO SETS - Fully Digital with wireless controllers - Licensed cars 
C1357 Touring Cars - Withdrawn


C8535 PCR Underpan MG6 BTCC - Jun-16
C8534 PCR Underpan Honda Accord - Aug-16
C8537 PCR Underpan VW Passat - Oct-16
C8538 PCR Underpan BMW 125 Series 1 - May-16
C8540 PCR Underpan Ford XW/XY GTO Falcon - Jan-16
C8542 PCR Underpan AMC Javelin Trans Am - Nov-16
C8543 PCR Underpan Porsche 911 (type 991) - Aug-16
C8546 PCR Underpan Ford Sierra RS500 - Apr-16
C8547 PCR Underpan BMW E30 M3 - Apr-16
C8548 PCR Underpan BMW Mini Cooper F56 - Jul-16
C8553 PCR Underpan Ford Riley Daytona Prototype - Oct-16

C8554 Track Extension Pack 5 - 8 X C8205 Straights - May-16
C8555 Track Extension Pack 6 - 8 X R3 Curves - Jun-16
C8556 Track Extension Pack 7 - 4 X Straights & 4 X R4 Curves - Jul-16

C8434 ARC Air Powerbase - Feb-16
C8435 ARC Pro Powerbase - Nov-16