At Pendle Slot Racing we often get asked about the difference between the curent Scalextric and the old track systems. Here is our brief guide explaining the comparison of Scalextric SPORT and CLASSIC track.


Scalextric is the most recognisable track system and the basic design has remained fundamentally the same since the beginning. Over the years slight alterations and enhancements have been made.

The latest significant change to the Scalextric track was in 2002 with the introduction of the 'SPORT Advanced Track System’. This new SPORT track replaced the previous CLASSIC track that was used from 1963 (the CLASSIC track is now discontinued).

All the current range of SCALEXTRIC sets and track accessories use the SPORT track system.

What is the difference between Scalextric SPORT and CLASSIC track?

The overall dimensions between SPORT and CLASSIC are very similar. The main difference is the texture of the track surface with SPORT more smoother compared to the textured CLASSIC track.

SPORT track comes with slightly deeper slots and also features a different connection design which makes it a lot easier to assemble the track. The powerbase and hand controllers have been significantly improved so that you can power each lane independently by adding additional transformers. Hand controllers are now wired for dynamic braking. (No more faint burning smells like on the classic controllers)

Scalextric Sport Track

Scalextric Classic Track

Can SPORT and CLASSIC track be used together?

Yes, it is possible to connect Scalextric SPORT track to either Scalextric CLASSIC or SCX CLASSIC track by using the special Converter Straight C8222.

Scalextric START

In 2010 Scalextric introduced a budget track system called START. This was a completely different design with the aim of filling the gap between MICRO and the SPORT system. A converter straight was available to connect START to the SPORT track.  The START track system did not last long though and it is no longer in production.

Scalextric DIGTIAL

Scalextric Digital uses the same SPORT track and cars as analogue. However the cars need to be fitted with a Digital chip and additional track pieces, hand controllers and power supply are required.