Round 3 of the UK Group C 6hr digital race was held at the Pendle Slot Racing Club on the 12th &13th September. The UK Digital 6hr event is a race series using only Group C cars from the range. The event is limited to 12 teams although the system is capable to handle many more cars to race at one time, Each team has a minimum of 3 drivers.

Only Group C cars from the range are eligible and are pretty much raced as standard as they come out of the box with very little work needed. Just a digital chip is needed to be fitted and with hand out tyres and motors supplied on race day this results in very close racing.

The digital system adds a new dimension to club racing especially endurance races as it allows you to compete with multiple cars at the same time with the ability to switch lanes and overtake with the press of a button on your hand controller. Its not all about quick lap times, its all about strategy!

The final round of the year will be at GT Raceway on the weekend of 17th & 18th of October.

Qualifying Results (best lap)

10.28 - 1st Pendle
10.37 - 2nd Molesey
10.41 - 3rd Kilburn
10.53 - 4th Wolves
10.59 - 5th Eastcote
10.83 - 6th North Staffs
11.25 - 7th Pendle Juniors
11.61 - 8th Tecno Slots

Race Results (6hrs)

1913 Laps - 1st Pendle
1899 Laps - 2nd Kilburn
1894 Laps - 3rd Eastcote
1720 Laps - 4th North Staffs
1709 Laps - 5th Wolves
1579 Laps - 6th Pendle Juniors
1544 Laps - 7th Tecno Slots
1287 Laps - 8th Molesey