Coming soon to Pendle Slot Racing is another classic SRC Porsche 914/6 model, ref (SRC-01608). It will be the No.186 car decorated in the unusual green Jagermeister livery, this was before they settled on their more bright orange colour we recognise today. The real car only competed once in this sponsored colour scheme by Eckhard Schimf in 1972 . Specially commissioned by SRC's German distributor.

SRC Porsche 914-6 Jagermeister (SRC-01608)

We have received news that we are very close to receiving the first F1 cars from SRC. The first  car from the range was due out by now but some delays caused by issues with the McLaren chassis (now resolved). The first cars will now be the Ferrari and Renaults, These are expected to be with us by the end of this month.

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