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NSR Accessories

NSR Accessories

NSR Accessories

Pit box essentials - Tools, cleaning lubricants and oil gear grease for improved car performance.

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  1. NSR Aluminium Wrench Tool 0.95mm for M2 Screws

    Ref: NSR-4411
    NSR aluminium blue wrench tool with 0.95mm tip for M2 screws.
  2. NSR Aluminium Wrench Tool .050" for M2.5 Screws

    Ref: NSR-4412
    NSR aluminium violet wrench tool with .050" tip for M2.5 screws.
  3. NSR Aluminium Wrench Tool .084"/2mm

    Ref: NSR-4416
    NSR Aluminium Wrench Tool .084"/2mm.
  4. NSR Replacement Steel Tip for M2 Screws

    Ref: NSR-4421
    NSR replacement steel tip 0.95mm for the NSR M2 wrench tool.
  5. NSR Replacement Steel Tip for M2.5 Screws

    Ref: NSR-4422
    NSR replacement steel tip 0.50" for the NSR M2.5 wrench tool.
  6. NSR Braid Conditioner

    Ref: NSR-4604
    NSR power booster for braids and commutator 30ml.
  7. NSR Rubber Tyre Softner Oil

    Ref: NSR-4605
    NSR special oil for rubber treatment to soften tyres for improved grip.
  8. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Heavy

    Ref: NSR-4603
    NSR tyre traction oil heavy- for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  9. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Medium

    Ref: NSR-4602
    NSR tyre traction oil medium - for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  10. NSR Tyre Traction Oil Light

    Ref: NSR-4601
    NSR tyre traction oil light - for wooden tracks, 30ml.
  11. NSR Ultra High Temp Ball Bearing Oil

    Ref: NSR-4607
    NSR ultra high temp oil for ball bearings, 30ml.
  12. NSR Ultra High Temp Bronze Bearing Oil

    Ref: NSR-4606
    NSR ultra high temp bronze bearing oil, 30ml.
  13. NSR Special Grease for Metal Gears

    Ref: NSR-4609
    NSR special grease lubricant for metal gears, 5 gr.
  14. NSR Special Grease for Plastic Gears

    Ref: NSR-4608
    NSR special grease lubricant for plastic gears, 5 gr.
  15. NSR Catalogue 2017

    Ref: NSR-CAT17
    Featuring all the current NSR cars, spares and accessories.
  16. NSR Catalogue 2011

    Ref: NSR-CAT
    Glossy A4 size NSR catalogue with 48 pages featuring NSR cars, spares and accessories.
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16 Item(s)