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App Race Control (ARC)

Scalextric App Race Control

Scalextric App Race Control

ARC (App Race Control) is a revolutionary slot car system from Scalextric that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a smartphone or tablet. To experience the Scalextric ARC system you can choose from one of our ARC sets, or alternatively replace your existing powerbase from your Scalextric track with one of the ARC Powerbase Upgrade Kits to unlock a whole new level of slot racing fun.

Scalextric App Race Control Guide

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  1. Scalextric ARC ONE Powerbase Upgrade Kit

    Ref: C8433
    Upgrade your existing analogue Scalextric track and wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device!
  2. Scalextric ARC AIR Powerbase Upgrade Kit

    Ref: C8434
    Scalextric ARC AIR includes all the features of the original ARC ONE system allowing you to wirelessly create and manage races with a smart device and the ARC app. However ARC AIR has extra abilities such as wireless controllers, plus new app features such as weather conditions and race incidents. Simply plug the Powerbase into any analogue Scalextric set, download the ARC app and you're ready to race!
  3. Scalextric ARC PRO Powerbase Upgrade Kit

    Ref: C8435
    The Ultimate Slot Car Race Control System is here! Convert any Scalextric Digital set to ARC PRO, includes 2 wireless controllers.
  4. Scalextric ARC AIR/PRO Wireless Hand Controller

    Ref: C8438
    The wireless Scalextric controller allows you to roam around the track without crossing wires with your opponent! Feel the racing intensity with a built in rumble pack and never miss the pit with the brake button.
  5. Scalextric Digital Arc Pro Sunset Speedway Set

    Ref: C1388
    Premium Scalextric ARC race control track system, includes 3 cars and wireless controllers. Create and manage races through the use of a handheld smart device to enable exciting and dynamic race features.

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5 Item(s)