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Scalextric Cars

Scalextric Cars

Scalextric Cars

Browse our full range of all the latest and huge back catalogue of Scalextric cars.

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  1. Scalextric Dodge Viper GTS-R

    Ref: C3087
    Scalextric Dodge Viper GTS-R USAF 56 Fighter Wing Limited Edition
  2. Scalextric Dodge Charger Black

    Ref: C3936
    A car recognised by almost everyone, the Dodge Charger with a blower. Nothing represents the American motor industry quite like it.
  3. Scalextric Dodge Challenger Red & Black

    Ref: C4065
    Looking sinister in red and black this Scalextric Challenger is a true piece of American Muscle.
  4. Scalextric Dodge Challenger 1970 White

    Ref: C3935
    Scalextric Dodge Challenger 1970 with the license plate OA 5599 of Colorado as featured in the 1971 film, Vanishing Point, a road movie starring Barry Newman.
  5. Scalextric Dodge Charger R/T Purple

    Ref: C4148
    Scalextric Dodge Charger R/T finished in deep metallic purple.
  6. Scalextric Dodge Challenger No.76 Sam Posey

    Ref: C4164
    Scalextric Dodge Challenger No.76 Sam Posey.
    Pre-Order £40.99
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6 Item(s)