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Digital Chips

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  1. Scalextric Saloon / GT Easy-Fit Digital Plug

    Ref: C8515
    Scalextric Easy-Fit Digital Plug to convert Digital Plug Ready (DPR) cars to use on your Scalextric Digital layout. Fit to DPR Scalextric cars to be digitised in under sixty seconds.
  2. Scalextric F1 / Go Kart Easy-Fit Digital Plug

    Ref: C8516
    The Scalextric F1 EasyFit Digital Plug offers a 'plug and play' solution to convert your Scalextric DPR (Digital Plug Ready) cars from analogue to work on your Scalextric digital track system. The plugs can also be transferred easily from one car to another with no need for a soldering iron or modelling expertise. DPR Scalextric cars to be digitised in under sixty seconds.
  3. Scalextric Retro-Fit Digital Chip

    Ref: C7005
    This Scalextric retro digital chip allows the conversion of most standard Scalextric and non-Scalextric branded cars to work on the Scalextric Digital layouts.
  4. Scalextric Ferrite Ceramic Filter x10

    Ref: W8424
    Scalextric ferrite ceramic filter, two hole (10x) these help prevent interference with digital signal from the controller to the car.
  5. Scalextric Non-Digital Module

    Ref: W9617
    Scalextric non-digtial blanking plate for F1 underpan.
  6. Scalextric Non-Digital Module

    Ref: W9793
    Scalextric non-digital blanking plate for all DPR F1 compatible cars.
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6 Item(s)