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  1. Scalextric Barrel Magnet Pack x10

    Ref: W8344
    Scalextric Barrel Magnet Pack x10.
  2. Scalextric Bar Magnets 14mm x 8mm 5x

    Ref: W9113
    Scalextric pack of 5x flat magnets - 14mm x 8mm x 3mm.
  3. Scalextric Stepped Bar Magnets x5

    Ref: W8902
    Scalextric pack of 5 stepped bar magnets to fit various Scalextric models.
  4. Scalextric Circular Magnets 2x

    Ref: W8885
    Scalextric pack of 2 circular magnets 8mm x 2.5mm (x1) and 8mm x 3mm (x1).
  5. PSR Neodinium Super Strength Magnet 25x8x2mm

    Ref: PSR-M3
    PSR Neodinium N52 rectangular super magnet 25x8x2mm to fit various Scalextric models. Super-strong neodymium (N52) magnet made from the strongest magnetic material available to buy.
  6. Scalextric Assorted Circular Magnets

    Ref: W8529
    Scalextric assorted circular magnet pack.
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6 Item(s)