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SRP slot racing products and competition parts are developed for use in conjunction with MRRC model cars, but most components are designed to allow an universal use by providing a high grade of compatibility.

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  1. SRP Pinion Brass 10T 6.0x3.5mm f.1.5mm

    Ref: SR1442E60A2A
    SRP Pinion Gear Brass 10T 6.0x3.5mm f.1.5mm x2
  2. SRP Pinion Brass 9T 5.5x3.5mm f.1.5mm

    Ref: SR1442D55A2A
    SRP Pinion Gear Brass 9T 5.5x3.5mm f.1.5mm x2
  3. SRP Pinion Brass 8T 5.0x3.5mm f.1.5mm

    Ref: SR1442C50A2A
    SRP Pinion Gear Brass 8T 5.0x3.5mm f.1.5mm x2
  4. SRP Crown Gear Racing 30t

    Ref: SR14188C3C2A
    SRP Crown Gear Racing 30T 16,3x6,1mm f.2,38mm w.Set Screw x1
  5. SRP Crown Gear Racing 28t

    Ref: SR14188B8C2A
    SRP Crown Gear Racing 28T 15,8x6,1mm f.2,38mm w.Set Screw x1
  6. SRP Axle 2.38x45mm 10pcs

    Ref: SR127NB4500W
    SRP Axle 2.38x45mm - Pack of 10 axles.
  7. SRP Oilite Bearings 4.76x3.2mm

    Ref: SR126G45132A
    SRP Oilite Axle Bearing Racing 4.76x3.2mm f.2.38mm Bronze w.Flange x2
  8. SRP Service System Pro

    Ref: SR250SSP123X
    The SRP Service System Pro includes a complete line of race proven slot car servicing products that simplifies slot car maintenance for maximum performance results at home or competition events and for keeping cars in top condition.
  9. SRP Axle 2.38x40mm 10pcs

    Ref: SR127NB4000W
    SRP Axle 2.38x40mm - Pack of 10 axles.
  10. SRP Axle 2.38x35mm 10pcs

    Ref: SR127NB3500W
    SRP Axle 2.38x35mm - Pack of 10 axles.
  11. SRP Racing Guides x10

    Ref: SR122LF2480W
    SRP adjustable universal racing guides, 10pcs.
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Items 33 to 43 of 43 total

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