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Manuals & Reference


Scalextric Digital 6 Car Powerbase Manual
Scalextric ARC ONE Quick Start Guide
Scalextric ARC AIR Quick Start Guide
Scalextric ARC PRO Quick Start Guide


Slot.it Tyre & Wheel Cross Reference Chart
Slot.it Professional Pinion Extractor/Press Manual
Slot.it Lighting Instructions
Slot.it Body Assembly Alfa 155
Slot.it Modular 'M' Crown Instructions Manual
Slot.it Fitting Carrera Digital Chip
Slot.it Wheel Codes
Slot.it LEDs on wires or oXigen chip
Slot.it Audi R18 4WD Assembly
Slot.it LMP Pickup Assembly
Slot.it Preparing Braid for LMP Pickup
Slot.it CH66 Pickup Assembly
Slot.it Front Axle Setup
Slot.it HRS2 Body-to-Chassis Assembly
Slot.it Spring Suspension Assembly
Slot.it How To Straigten Chassis
Slot.it Body Assembly Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2
Slot.it Body Assembly Audi R18
Slot.it Body Assembly Audi R18 e-tron
Slot.it Body Assembly Lola B09
Slot.it Body Assembly Mclaren F1 GTR
Slot.it Body Assembly Porsche 911 GT1 EVO98
Slot.it Body Assembly Porsche 962 IMSA
Slot.it Body Assembly Lancia LC2 88
Slot.it Body Assembly Lancia LC2 84
Slot.it Body Assembly Porsche 956 KH
Slot.it Body Assembly Porsche 956 LH
Slot.it Body Assembly Sauber C9
Slot.it Body Assembly Nissan R89C
Slot.it Body Assembly Toyota 88C
Slot.it Body Assembly Alfa-33-3
Slot.it Body Assembly McLaren M8
Slot.it Body Assembly Matra MS670B


Policar Lotus 72 F1 Assembly
Policar Lotus 72 Body Kit Instructions
Policar Lotus 72 Mechanical Assembly Instructions

DS Racing

DS-200 Lap Counter Manual


Carrera Evolution 1:32 Car Manual
Carrera 21100 Grandstand Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21101 Grandstand expansion Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21126 Victory Arch Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21119 Pedestrian Bridge Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21105 VIP-floor Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21104 Pit Lane Garage Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21102 Press Tower Assembly Instructions
Carrera 21103 Press Tower Extension Assembly Instructions


BRM Group-2 Spare Parts (PDF)


Dodge Viper RS0020-24 (PDF)
Dodge Viper RS0034-35 (PDF)
Ferrari F333 SP (PDF)
Marcos LM600 RS0008-13 (PDF)
Marcos LM600 RS0032-33 (PDF)
Porsche 911 GT2 RS0001-07 (PDF)
Porsche 911 GT2 RS0030-31(PDF)
Toyota GT-One (PDF)
Toyota Supra RS00025-29 (PDF)
Toyota Supra RS00036-38 (PDF)

GP Miniatures

GP Miniatures Building Assembly Instructions