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Track Care


Track Care

How to improve your track layout and general maintenance tips.


Slot racing tracks are generally easy to maintain. If your track is raced on regularly it probably doesn't need too much cleaning, maybe just a few laps with a car to clean up.

If the circuit has not been raced on for a while it may need a quick clean. We recommend cleaning the track rails. Simply use a lightly oiled cloth (PSR braid conditioner) and wipe the track rails to remove dirt from the surface, this will improve car pickup around your track. Another option is to use a track rubber.

The track surface may also need to be cleaned as dust can build up and reduce the grip level. You can simply use a cloth to wipe clean or a few laps driving a car around the circuit will help to clean the rails and surface. Keep cleaning the cars braids and tyres if the grip goes until you have happy with the track condition.

Power Supply

When buying a racing set the  power supply is supplied, usually fixed between 12v-18v.

Suffering from power drops & surging? Want to expand your track circuit & your current power supply isn't up to the job?
Another option is to use transformers. These are  ideal for powering small, medium or large slot racing tracks for your home or for clubs. You can choose from fixed or variable transformers depending on your needs. We can supply wiring looms to connect the power supplies to all types of home or club tracks including analogue & digital circuits. Used in conjunction with DS we can also offer a range of lap counting systems. These transformers can also be used to power accessories or tools such as tyre truer's. If you need more info on power supplies or transformers please contact us.

Improved Power

It is possible to improve the power consistency all around track your by adding power taps. These are basically wires that are links from rails near the powerbase to other track pieces that are positioned further away from the powerbase. Generally you only need to use this method on big circuits.

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