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Track Guide


Track System Guide

On this page there is some useful information regarding track and sets to read before going shopping.

Which track system should i buy?

A regular question we get asked. We currently stock Scalextric, Ninco, Carrera and SCX track systems. All are extremely good in their own right and whichever set you choose basic principals apply to all brands.

If you are new to the hobby and want to get started, then buying a set is the most cost effective and easiest way to get going, they are subsidised by manufacturers and contain everything you need in one box. The most common question we get asked is: Which manufacturer should I choose?

All sorts of factors can influence they type or make of set you choose, things like the space you have available, whether the layout will be permanent, what type of cars you prefer. The decision does come down to personal choice in the end. What we can say is that all the sets we sell are excellent quality and represent very good value for money.

Most brands of 1:32 cars will interchange and be able to run on each track layout with little or no modifications required. The more expensive sets usually provide a better standard of cars and a greater selection of track, building larger and more interesting circuits. Usually the basic rule is the more expensive sets give greater value for money. We will try to outline the main advantages and disadvantages of each particular product.


The most recognisable brand in slot racing, as it has been a worldwide brand leader for many years. The basic design and function of the track sections hasn’t changed for over 40 years so there is a wide choice of standard and specialist track sections to choose from. It is possible to build up to a 6 lane circuit or by combining the SCX outer/outer curve an 8 lane circuit. Availability is very good with many outlets throughout the UK and a developing network worldwide. Scalextric offers full support with a network of service agents and a telephone help line in case of difficulties.The main disadvantage with Scalextric is that the hand throttles and transformers are supplied to suit the track layouts as supplied in the sets, if you wish to expand your layout larger than the biggest Scalextric set available it will be necessary to upgrade your hand throttles and power supply. This can be achieved in a number of ways, which we will be happy to advise.

In 2002 Scalextric developed a new track system called SPORT. All sets which we supply use this new track system. The main advantages over the old classic sets are that the track sections are much easier to assemble, the track surface is smoother and gives better grip levels especially when using cars with magnatraction. There are new track sections available and a wide range of track borders and barriers. The track slot is deeper allowing cars with deeper guides to be used. The powerbase and throttles have been upgraded so that you can power each lane independently by adding additional transformers, throttles are now wired for dynamic braking. Sport track will still connect to either Scalextric Classic or SCX track by using adaptor sections part C8222.

What is the difference between Scalextric SPORT and CLASSIC track?

Carrera Evolution

The big advantage of Carrera track is that you can race both 1:24 scale and 1:32 scale cars. Carrera system is the widest plastic track available on the market. Another plus for Carrera track is the smooth flat surface and is and the stainless steel rails so no need to worry about the metal rusting. Carrera uses the same track system for standard analogue and digital racing meaning you can upgrade your analogue track to digital in the future. Carrera also offer a nice range of accessories such as borders, buildings, grandstands etc.

Carrera GO!!!

Carrea Go!!! is a 1:43 scale track system is a fantastic introduction to slot racing for 6 years and up. This track system is for use with the 1:43 scale cars only. These cars may be small but they are pocket rockets. All sets include “Turbo Speed” controllers for added racing boost, Numerous action features, Extensive variety of accessories for thrilling action. Guaranteed driving fun in real racing atmosphere. Create big circuits in small space areas!


Ninco track is a popular track of choice for many clubs around the world. With its extra wide track sections. 22% larger than Scalextric / SCX. Isolated rails & deeper slot. A plastic liner between the rails eliminates short circuits, prevents guide wear and reduces noise & friction. Deeper guides mean less chance of the car deslotting when cornering. Ninco track is used for both standard analogue and Digital layout.

Other benefits
- Covered slot, avoids dust getting into the track and so enables trouble free usage on carpeted floors.
- High grip. For added traction and better tyre performance.
- Electrical reliability. Simple neat wiring connections with good track connectors ensure maximum reliability and reduction in power loss.
- Wide choice of track. It is possible to build an 8 lane circuit. (Also possible by combining Scalextric & SCX)
- Easyclip building system. Allows fast and reliable construction of circuits and ease of dismantling
- Braking circuit built in controllers. Hand controllers are fitted with dynamic brakes as standard. For finer control and more realistic driving style.
- Multifunction Power Base. Race in either direction. Power each lane independently via separate transformer to eliminate power drop and surges.
- Compatibility. Ninco track can be linked to Scalextric & SCX track by using the Ninco track adaptor.
- The main disadvantage with choosing Ninco is that the range of track accessories is not a wide, as that of Scalextric or SCX and that availability has sometimes proved inconsistent.


Spanish based company and has many years of experience in the slot car business. They have two track systems. The original (now obsolete) system is essentially the same as the classic Scalextric tracks so the two systems can interchange, which is an advantage when choosing track accessories as SCX have recently introduced a new range of specialist track sections and accessories.

Analogue or Digital

What is the difference between Analogue and Digital racing?


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