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Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Static model kits of full-size cars to assemble. Ideal for decoration around the track or to convert into slot cars.

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  1. Revell '53 Corvette Roadster Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07067
    At the beginning of the 1950s Harley Earl, head of design at General Motors intended to develop a new sports car that could stand up to the then popular European sports cars.
  2. Revell 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07065
    An attractively designed coupé, specially developed for the younger driver was presented to the public at the 1964 World Exhibition in New York.
  3. Revell Audi R8 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07398
    The Audi R8, called after the Le Mans racing car, is the first Audi super sports car.
  4. Revell Bentley 4,5L Blower Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07007
    Bentley Motors Ltd had participated in the 24-hour race at Le Mans since first race held in 1923. This brought added popularity to the Bentley brand name.
  5. Revell BMW i8 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07008
    The BMW i8 is the embodiment of a future orientated sports car incorporating the latest in revolutionary technology.
  6. Revell BMW M1 Procar Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07247
    The racing version of the BMW M1 was launched in 1978.
  7. Revell BMW Z1 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07361
    The Z1 was created in 1986 as a concept car and was not originally intended for production.
  8. Revell Citroen 2CV Charleston Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07095
    The 2CV was first presented to the public in 1948. With this puristic, economical small car that was easy to maintain and simple to operate, Citroën offered a robust mass-produced people's car that had suitably good suspension for use on the sparsely built up road network.
  9. Revell Citroen 2CV Sausss Ente Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07053
    Model construction kit of the legendary Citroen 2CV, available from 1987 onwards in the special Speeding Duck livery.
  10. Revell Gift-Set 100 Years BMW Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-05738
    This set contains model construction kits of the exceptional BMW i8 and the stylish BMW 507 both of which set standards in design.
  11. Revell Lamborghini Diablo VT Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07066
    Calling a sports car after a bull with the incisive name of Devil is a clear indication to the buyer of what to expect. In 1990 Lamborghini presented the Diablo, at that time the fastest production car in the world.
  12. Revell McLaren 570S Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07051
    A model construction kit of this agile McLaren super sports car with a top speed of 328 km/h (204 mph).
  13. Revell Mercedes-AMG GT Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07028
    A model construction kit of this groundbreaking and very elegant sports car from Mercedes-Benz. It was developed entirely by AMG.
  14. Revell Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07100
    The first car developed by AMG entirely in-house is reminiscent of the legendary Mercedes-Benz gullwing model from the mid 1950s.
  15. Revell Porsche 918 Spyder Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07026
    Even the proportions of this technical marvel are reminiscent of a racing car. Two well packed up electric motors are hidden behind the driver, the V8 engine with its 608 bhp is in the rear.
  16. Revell Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07027
    Porsche always knows how to go one better. In the development centre in Weissach near Stuttgart, Porsche technicians have put the 918 Spyder super sports car - which can achieve up to 345 km/h (215 mph) on a slimming diet.
  17. Revell Porsche 934 RSR Jagermeister Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07031
    An easy to build model construction kit of this successful Group 4 GT racing car which was developed on the basis of the 911 Turbo.
  18. Revell Porsche 934 RSR Vaillant Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07032
    An easy-to-build model construction kit of this successful Group 4 GT Class racing car which was raced from 1976 onwards.
  19. Revell Porsche Carrera Cabrio Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07063
    Model construction kit of the 993, often seen as the best and most sophisticated version of the 911.
  20. Revell Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07367
    Carrol Shelby was renowned throughout the world for the conversion and design of sports cars.
  21. Revell Shelby Mustang GT 350 H Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07242
    In 1964 at the international exhibition in New York an attractively designed coupé specially developed for the younger driver was shown to the public.
  22. Revell Trabant 601 Universal Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07070
    The Trabant 601 with its typical trapezoidal shape was the third and most prolific model of the Trabant series.
  23. Revell VW Beetle Limousine 1968 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07083
    For many years the Volkswagen Beetle was the car in which everything began. Innumerable young people learned to drive in it.
  24. Revell VW Beetle Police Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07035
    A model construction kit of the famous VW Beetle in the configuration used by the German Police.
  25. Revell VW Golf 1 Cabriolet Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07071
    Introduced in May 1974 the Golf stood in stark contrast to its predecessor, the VW Beetle.
  26. Revell VW Golf 1 GTI Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07072
    Available from 1976 onwards, the outrageously fast GTI revolutionised the motoring world.
  27. Revell VW Kafer 1500 Cabriolet Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07078
    The VW Type 1 developed by Ferdinand Porsche, also known as the Beetle, was first mass produced at the end of 1945.
  28. Revell VW T1 Panel Van Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07076
    The origin of all present vans and transporters derives from the platform truck used in the late 1940s for internal transport in the Volkswagen works at Wolfsburg, which inspired the Dutch importer Ben Pons with the idea of a transport vehicle.
  29. Revell VW T1 Samba Bus Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07399
    The original of all present-day vans and transporters dates back to the platform truck used in the late 1940s for internal transport at the Volkswagen works at Wolfsburg.
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29 Item(s)