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Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Plastic Model Kits

Static model kits of full-size cars to assemble. Ideal for decoration around the track or to convert into slot cars.

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  1. Revell BMW i8 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07008
    The BMW i8 is the embodiment of a future orientated sports car incorporating the latest in revolutionary technology.
  2. Revell BMW M1 Procar Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07247
    The racing version of the BMW M1 was launched in 1978.
  3. Revell BMW Z1 Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-07361
    The Z1 was created in 1986 as a concept car and was not originally intended for production.
  4. Revell Gift-Set 100 Years BMW Model Kit 1/24

    Ref: RM-05738
    This set contains model construction kits of the exceptional BMW i8 and the stylish BMW 507 both of which set standards in design.
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4 Item(s)