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Resin Kits

Resin Body Kits

Resin Body Kits

Range of high quality resin bodies and chassis kits to build your complete slot car.

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  1. MG 1100 Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB99
    MG 1100 1/32 scale resin kit.
  2. MG Magnette MkIII Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB76
    MG Magnette MkIII 1/32 scale resin kit.
  3. MG Magnette ZA Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB58
    MG Magnette ZA 1/32 scale resin kit.
  4. MG PA Kit

    Ref: RSB93
    MG PA Resin Body & Chassis kit
  5. MGA Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB21
    MGA Resin Kit
  6. MGB Detailed Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB56
    MGB Detailed 1/32 scale resin kit.
  7. MGC Basic Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB15
    MGC Basic 1/32 scale resin kit.
  8. MGF Resin Kit

    Ref: RSB74
    MGF 1/32 scale resin kit.
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8 Item(s)