Gluing and truing slot car tyres will dramatically improve your cars grip, meaning better performance and handling. This technique is mostly used at club and competition level, where cars are usually raced without magnets.

Below is our guide on how to true NSR rubber tyres on NSR Aluminium wheels, using the Professional Hudy Tyre Truer. Our method can also be applied with other manufacturers parts.

What you need
Hudy Tyre Truer
Rubber Tyres
Tyre Oil
Flat screwdriver

Before you glue a set of tyres to your wheels we need to key them up using a file. After clean the wheels in warm soapy water.

Key up the rims using a file

Using a flat screwdriver glue both outside edges of the tyre to the shoulder of the rim.

Flat screwdriver and glue

Dip the screwdriver into the glue and run around the rim and tyres. Once you have glued the tyre to the wheel you may go around again, just to seal it on.

Screwdriver with glue around the wheel

Now for truing on the Hudy. You will notice these tyres start off quite big but that means we have more area to play with, meaning we can true to the desired size. Always start with tyres that are oversized.

Start truing the tyres

Once trued to your desired diameter, you can then cut the width down.

Set to the desired diameter

As you can see we take the same amount off both sides.

Same amount off both sides.

Now you need to round off the edges, this helps the car corner more smoothly.

Round off the tyre edges

Round off the tyre edges

Ok! that's the edges done. Now we need to clean the tyre up as it looks a little rough.

Tyres look a little rough

Using tyre oil, polish the tyre up but be aware this reduces the size of the tire diameter once finished.

Polish the tyre

The tyre is now ready for running on the track, keep applying tyre oil for softening to bring them up to the desired grip.

Tyre now ready for running

The Tyre before and after truing.

Tyre before and after truing

The same process can be applied to the front tyres, but be careful that you don't go through the tyres as they are very low profile to start with.

Same process for the front tyres

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