The International toy fair season has now passed and we find ourselves in that interesting period where the fate of major listings is being learnt and independent toy retailers are making their choices for this Christmas.

As always there will be new toys on the scene but there is always space and demand for classic toys and brands. The challenge is how do classic toys fare with today’s children? Or even more interestingly, how could Scalextric make a classic toy concept relevant to today which is the exact process that the Scalextric development team undertook when designing Spark Plug.

Meet Scalextric Spark Plug

Scalextric Spark Plug

What is Spark Plug?

In brief Spark Plug is a device that you plug into your Scalextric layout that then allows you to control your car by either a smart phone or tablet, but it is more than just a ‘wireless controller’.

Scalextric Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

The app also has other functions:

- Music that can be taken from the app or from your library
- Engine sound effects
- Single Player or Versus Mode option
- Option to use a smart device to control one car and a traditional; hand controller on the other
- Function to BOOST your own and RESTRICT your opponents speed
- Personalise the racing screen

Scalextric Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

Simply plug the Spark Plug dongle into your Scalextric powerbase rather than a traditional hand controller, download the app and race away meaning no more wires!

Scalextric Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

The Spark Plug app has the option of single player or Versus Mode because in Versus Mode you can restrict your opponent’s power or boost your own which adds greatly to the racing experience.

Scalextric Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

There are characters already within the app or alternatively you can take images from your library or even a selfie that can then have snap-chat filters applied enabling you to add some fun to your personal profile.

Scalextric Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

The Spark Plug device simply plugs into the track and is compatible with 1:32 Scalextric analogue sets. Spark Plug will offer another exciting element of fun to the slot racing concept that is very much in tune with today’s children but is also simple enough for the bigger kids!

The Scalextric Spark Plug is now available to order from Pendle Slot Racing.

Discover More

Scalextric isn’t just all about racing and motorsport

A huge part of the brand and the slot car market is about the fun of being able to control a car that is raced around a track as well the ability to create your own racing circuit. In addition to this the option to add some recognisable characters that will relate with younger generations and the simple role play pattern of - I want to be… For this younger driver, Scalextric have a whole new easy to use 1:64 scale track system with vehicles based on the Justice League super heroes. The character vehicles include: Batman, Wonder Women, Superman and Flash.