Pendle Slot Racing's 10 step guide on how to maintain and keep your Scalextric cars in top working condition. Simple cleaning and repairs that take minutes will get your worn out cars racing again... good as new!

Time: 15 to 30 mins

What you need for Scalextric maintenance

What you will need

- PSR Fine Gear and Bearing Oil
- PSR Braid Conditioner
- PSR Tyre softener and cleaner
- Small soft brush
- Green Scouring Pad
- Screw driver (pozi type in most cases)
- x2 pieces of Cloth or Kitchen towel.
- Duster or Microfiber cloth.
- New Braid

Step by Step Guide

In this guide we have used the Scalextric Audi R8 model but the basic principles applies to all slot cars.

Scalextric Car Sevice

Step 1

Remove chassis screws and remove the body shell from the chassis.

Remove Chassis

Step 2

Carefully unclip the rear axle and motor from chassis being careful not to crack the chassis around the motor or axle mounting points.

Unclip the rear axle and motor

Step 3

Use the Brush to remove all the debris from the chassis, rear axle and motor and then wipe over the chassis, axles and Motor with a paper towel to remove any old oil or debris that have been left behind after using the brush.

Remove all the debris from the chassis

Step 4

Apply PSR Tyre Cleaner to the tyre surface.

Apply PSR Tyre Cleaner to the tyre surface

Rotate the axle/wheels while pressing the scouring pad or cloth onto the tyre to remove all the build up on the tyre surface.

Rotate the axle/wheels

Repeat the process if necessary.

Rotate the axle/wheels

Clean the tyres

Clean the tyres

Step 5

Place the motor followed by the rear axle back into the chassis, again being careful not to crack the mounts.

Place the motor and rear axle back into the chassis

Step 6

Lube the rear axle bearings and gears as well as the front axle mounting points as this will make the car run smoother and quiter.

Oil bearings and gears

Step 7

Remove the old braids from the guide plate and cut a pair of new braids ready to be fitted. We recommend around 2.5cm long.

Remove the old braids with new replacements

Step 8

Refit the new braids and keep them clean for improved electrical pick up. The PSR braid conditioner comes in a handy sized bottle with lid and a pointer for precision application. Simply apply a small drop onto a cloth and wipe your braids or track rails until dry and clean.

Refit the new braids and keep them clean

Step 9

Use the brush to remove debris and dust from the inside of the body shell. This will help prevent any dirt from getting onto the tyres.

Clean body

Step 10

Replace the body shell using the body screws and then lightly use some house hold polish and a duster to clean the body shell. Just remember to be careful around wing mirrors and detailing on the body shell.

Polish body

All complete and good as new! 

Before and after Scalextric chassis

Before and after Scalextric chassis


What is in a Slot Car?

The diagram below shows the typical chassis parts as used on Scalextric cars and other models.

Scalextric Slot Car Diagram