We take a detailed look inside the long awaited Lola T70 MkII and first slot car from Thunder Slot. Made in Italy and developed by Giovanni Montiglio, formerly of NSR. The wait is over!

From the outside the Lola T70 looks nicely finished and certainly has the appearance of an NSR car.

Thunder Slot have made the Lola T70 lightweight as possible with low right height. The complete car only weighs 64g!

The chassis of the car takes on the familiar two piece arrangement with a triangular style motor mount.

Powered by a 21,500 rpm S-Can motor mounted at a 2.5 degree angle.

Instead of the usual pozi screw, Thunder Slot have chosen to use Torx 6 screw fixings for the body and motor mount.

Because of this we have now added a T6 torx screwdriver on the Pendle Slot Racing website.

Adjustable motor mount with screw secured motor. The Lola T70 does not come with a magnet but it has the option to add up to 2 if required.

Plastic 14x9mm front wheels with holes and hard tyres. Also features adjustable front axle ride height.

Aluminium 14x10mm air rear wheels with soft tyres. 11t pinion and 32t gear both in plastic.

Securely fitted eyelets from the side of the guide which is a nice added feature.

Unconventional curved designed guide blade.

Like all slot cars deigned by Giovanni, we can expect a very competitive race car.

The Lola T70 MkII is available in two different race liveries.

Lola T70 MkIII BOAC 500 Brands Hatch 1967 (Ref : THCA00101)

Lola T70 MkIII BOAC 500 Brands Hatch 1968 (Ref : THCA00102)

Car Specifications

Scale 1:32
Body Plastic
Length 132mm
Height 29mm
Wheelbase 76mm
Front Track 56.5mm
Rear Track 61mm
Weight 64g
Magnet No
Motor S-Can 21,500rpm
Motor Mount Sidewinder
Drivetrain 2WD
Pinion/Gear 11/32
Front Wheels Plastic 14x9mm
Rear Wheels Aluminium Air 14x10mm
Front Tyres Rubber Hard
Rear Tyres Rubber Soft
Lights No


Pendle Slot Racing will stock the full range of the Thunder slot cars and spares.