Pendle Scalextric Club are pleased to announce that we will be holding 1 of the 3 qualifying events for this exciting competition in conjunction with Gaugemaster and Italian manufacturer Thunderslot.

There will be three qualifying rounds held at the following venues:

Round 1 - Llantrisant Slot Car Club - Sunday 19th January

Round 2 - Pendle Slot Racing - Saturday 28th March

Round 3 - Nascott Wood - Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th May

You only need to enter 1 of the 3 rounds to qualify for the finals which will be held at the UK Slot Car Festival 2020 on the weekend of 16th and 17th May.

Thunder Slot Can-Am Qualifying Poster

Round 2 Details - Pendle Scalextric Club


Saturday 28th March


Pendle Slot Racing
Unit 49 Churchill Way
Lomeshaye Industrial Estate


This event will be run on our new 6 lane, 128ft track powered at 12.5v

All lane lengths are equal to with in 0.3mm and all 6 of the lanes are comparable in lap times and are within 1 tenth of each other.


Heats will run over 4 minutes, every driver to race once on each lane. Cumulative totals from each lane to decide the step up final positions
Finals - lane choice determined by heat position, with the winner of each final to step up. Finals run over 25 laps.


08:30 - 11:30 Practice
11:00 - 11:45 Scrutineering
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 15:00 Heats
15:15 - 16:00 Finals


The technical rules applied here are based on stock box cars with some modifications as listed below.

It is permissible to race both versions of the Thunderslot Lola the T70 MKIII Coupé and T70 Spyder as well as the McLaren M6A/B and the new model McLaren-Elva.

The improvements are allowed as follows:

1) Front tyres can be replaced with the Thunderslot spare part code TYR003FR.

2) The stock rear rims RMR001AL (dia14.3mm.) can be replaced with the Thunderslot spare part code RMR002AL (dia14.85mm.).

3) The sponge rings Thunderslot spare code RMRFM001 can be fitted to the wheel rims.

4) It is permissible to use other makes axles, as long as they are not hollowed or machined down.

5) Gluing the standard bronze axle bearings to the motor mount is allowed.

6) Braids and motor wires are free, but standard Thunderslot guide must be used.

7) It is permissible to replace the original white 32-tooth gear with the spare parts Blue 31T GE31SWP or the Orange 30T GE30SWP.

8) It is permissible to replace the stock black motor mount with the Thunderslot spares codes MTS001G (grey) or MTS001S (dark grey).

9) It is permissible to replace each one of the four standard black chassis in accordance with the following list :
Lola T70 MKIII Coupé grey CHS001G and dark grey CHS001S
Lola T70 Spyder grey CHS002G and dark grey CHS002S
McLaren M6A/B grey CHS003G and dark grey CHS003S
McLaren-Elva grey CHS004G and dark grey CHS004S

10) The adding of Allen screws, spares code SC2.5HEX, on the chassis four lateral holes to set the body on the chassis itself is allowed.

11) Rear view mirrors can be missing.

12) On the Lola Spyder, you may install washers between the front screw posts and the chassis pods to a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm.

13) On the Lola Spyder, it is permissible to remove the dummy gearbox and replace it with a washer of 1.0mm thickness.

14) The racing tyres TYR004R will be supplied by the organisers and must be fitted prior to the car entering Parc Fermé. Any kind of liquid / goop is strictly forbidden at all times! Tyres may not be reduced in overall diameter prior to the start of the racing, though it is permissible to remove any moulding discrepancies or flashing.

15) Motors The only motor allowed is the standard Thunderslot 21.5K Ref: TSLMTMACH21 using the 11 tooth pinion ref: PN11PL

16) All motors must be fitted with the Thunderslot 11 tooth pinion. They will be checked for revs and magnetic field before entering Parc Fermé.

17) In the case of a self-painted bodyshell, fluorescent paint is not allowed. Period colour schemes are encouraged and cars must carry a minimum of three racing numbers.

18) The wheel inserts must be installed.

19) The minimum body weight for the Lola T70 Coupé is 17g whilst for the Lola T70 Spyder it is 13g.

20) Maximum width across the rear wheels is 61mm.

21) Adding weight is allowed, but it must be securely fixed to the chassis area (inside the car) and be invisible from the outside.

22) The fitting of a Thunderslot suspension kit is permitted TSLSUSK003.


To book for Round 2 at Pendle Scalextric Club - email: or tel: 01282 612418.